Vision & Priorities

  • Providing theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge in the fields of financial and economic risk management, geopolitical analysis, contemporary monetary policy, EU and Eurozone development, American, Asian and Russian economy, drivers and constraints¬† of economic growth, public debt, technological breakthroughs and their impact on the economic paradigm; demographic challenges, etc;
  • Facilitating professional and private networking by integrating participants into a specific leadership network that will enable them to enjoy numerous authentic opportunities for¬† career growth;
  • Developing skills to efficiently search, digest and utilize specific economic and financial data, to conduct successful debating and to take decisions grounded on dialogue;
  • Building skills to generate, develop and motivate innovative ideas and to successfully complete academic/business projects;
  • Establishing a solid ground for the development of leadership qualities.

Considering the importance of all that, as well as the vital need of building up competitive knowledge and qualification networks which actually are the core of lifelong learning, Reform Union Club and New Bulgarian University have joined forces and in February 2012 signed a Memorandum of Understanding by virtue of which we embarked on the challenging but truly inspirational road to to give life to Sofia Business School.