Keynote Speakers 2013

  • Kevin Dowd
    Prof. Kevin Dowd

    Professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University (UK); Senior Fellow at Cobden Partners (London); SBS Honorary Programme Director

  • Enrico Colombatto
    Prof. Enrico Colombatto

    Professor of Economics at the University of Turin; Director of Research at IREF (Paris); Affiliated to GIS (Liechtenstein)

  • Leszek Balcerowicz
    Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz

    Professor of Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics

  • Nikolay Nenovsky
    Prof. Nikolay Nenovsky

    Professor at the University of Amiens, France; SBS Programme Director

  • Gordon Kerr
    Gordon Kerr

    Investment markets expert and founder at Cobden Partners (London)

  • Piritta Sorsa
    Piritta Sorsa

    Head of Division (Australia, Colombia, Euroarea, Greece, India, Luxembourg, Slovenia), Country Studies, Economics Department, OECD

  • Jane Fuller
    Jane Fuller

    Director of Fuller Analysis

  • Alex Alexiev
    Alex Alexiev

    Chairman of the Center for the Balkan and Black Sea Studies, Honorary member of the Reform Union Club

  • Emil Kalchev
    Assoc. Prof. Emil Kalchev

    Lecturer in Publuc Finance at the new Bulgarian University (Sofia)

  • Ilian Vassilev
    Amb. Ilian Vassilev

    Co-founder of the Reform Union Club and Managing Partner at Innovative Energy Solutions