Keynote Speakers 2015

  • Kevin Dowd
    Prof. Kevin Dowd

    Professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University (UK); Senior Fellow at Cobden Partners (London); SBS Honorary Programme Director

  • Gordon Kerr
    Gordon Kerr

    Investment markets expert and founder at Cobden Partners (London)

  • Douglas Jackson
    Dr. Douglas Jackson

    Founder of e-gold®

  • Carlo Stagnaro, PhD
    Carlo Stagnaro, PhD

    Director and Senior Fellow at the Italina Think Tank Instituto Bruno Leoni; Advisor to Italy's Minister for Economic Development

  • Alex Alexiev
    Alex Alexiev

    Chairman of the Center for the Balkan and Black Sea Studies, Honorary member of the Reform Union Club

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis

    Independent writer and reseracher on business, finance and investment; Private investor; Former editor of Financial Times Weekend

  • Ali Eftekhari
    Prof. Ali Eftekhari

    President of the American Nano Society; Director of National Institute of Arts & Sciences; Founding head of the School of Materials Science & Engineering at Jimma University (Ethiopia); Honorary Professor at both Queen's University (Belfast) and Ulster University

  • Zhang Jianxin
    Prof. Zhang Jianxin

    Professor of International Relations at Fudan University, Shanghai

  • Kiril Tochkov
    Assoc. Prof. Kiril Tochkov

    Associate Professor of Economics at Texas Christian University