Moderators 2013

  • Randall Baker
    Prof. Randall Baker

    Distinguished Professor of NBU, Professor Emeritus of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University

  • Nikolay Nenovsky
    Prof. Nikolay Nenovsky

    Professor at the University of Amiens, France; SBS Programme Director

  • Stefan F. Stefanov, PhD
    Prof. Stefan F. Stefanov, PhD

    Lecturer in International Economics and Macroeconomics at the Department of Economics at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia

  • Rossitsa Toncheva
    Rossitsa Toncheva

    Chief Assistant and Lecturer in Corporate Finances at the Bulgarian University of National and World Economy, Sofia

  • Zlatin Sarastov
    Zlatin Sarastov

    CEO at Amphora Capital AD

  • Angel Georgiev, PhD
    Angel Georgiev, PhD

    Lecturer in Investment Policy, Finance Management, Projects' Funding, Tourism Economics at New Bulgarian University, Sofia

  • Evgeni Kanev, PhD
    Evgeni Kanev, PhD

    Managing Partner of the investment and financial advisory firm Maconis LLC

  • Ninel Kiosseva, PhD
    Ninel Kiosseva, PhD

    Ass. Prof. at New Bulgarian University, Sofia

  • Emil Kalchev
    Assoc. Prof. Emil Kalchev

    Lecturer in Publuc Finance at the new Bulgarian University (Sofia)

  • Ilian Vassilev
    Amb. Ilian Vassilev

    Co-founder of the Reform Union Club and Managing Partner at Innovative Energy Solutions