Moderators 2019 Summer

  • Vasko Nachev
    Vasko Nachev

    Oil and gas exploration and production consultant; Drilling site manager with broad experience in the Middle East, Yemen, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Indonesia; Worked at Halliburton Co and Boots & Coots.

  • Boris Petrov, PhD
    Boris Petrov, PhD

    Chief Audit Officer

  • Angel Georgiev, PhD
    Angel Georgiev, PhD

    Lecturer in Investment Policy, Finance Management, Projects' Funding, Tourism Economics at New Bulgarian University, Sofia

  • Evgeni Kanev, PhD
    Evgeni Kanev, PhD

    Managing Partner of the investment and financial advisory firm Maconis LLC

  • Irena Nikolova, PhD
    Irena Nikolova, PhD

    Chief Assistant Professor of International Finance and International Trade at the Department of Economics, New Bulgarian University

  • Ekatherina Tzvetanova, PhD
    Ekatherina Tzvetanova, PhD

    Assistant Professor at the Department of Administration and Management, New Bulgarian University

  • Vasil Garnizov
    Assoc. Prof. Vasil Garnizov

    Lecturer and Member of the Board of Trustees