Alex Alexiev

Chairman of the Center for the Balkan and Black Sea Studies, Honorary member of the Reform Union Club

Alex Alexiev

ORGANIZATION: Center for Balkan and Black Sea Studies in Sofia

Areas of expertise

Global strategic risks, national security analyst, international politics commentator

Biographical Statement

Alex Alexiev is the Chairman of the Center for Balkan and Black Sea Studies based in Sofia and managing editor of, a project of the Center designed to provide analytical, fact-based information on Bulgaria and the region on a wide range of geopolitical, national security, economic, financial and foreign-political issues. He used to be a Project director and principal investigator of numerous Rand Corp. projects for US government agencies (Dept. of Defense, US Army Intelligence, USAF intelligence, DIA, CIA etc.) with the national security division of the Rand Corp. He conducted research into military and foreign affairs related to NATO, the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In the early 90s he was a guest scholar at Hoover Institution, Stanford University. The other areas he has explored in depth are nationalism, demographics, ethnic and religious conflicts in Eurasia and the Middle East, economic reform and transition in post-communist societies, Islamic finance and sovereign wealth issues, etc. He has directed the research agenda at the Center for Security Policy (Washington D.C.) on national security issues including the war on terror and Islamic extremism and terrorism. He has testified to US congressional hearings on a number of occasions. Alex Alexiev conducts national security research at the Hudson Institute with a focus on radical Islam and is a contributor to a large number of prestigious periodicals worldwide.


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