Assoc. Prof. Carlo Amenta

Associate Professor of Management and Business Economics at the University of Palermo

Areas of expertise

management, business economics, tourism marketing, museum marketing, sport management, cryptocurrencies

Biographical Statement

Carlo Amenta is associate professor of Management and Business Economics at the University of Palermo. He has completed a PhD in Tourism Marketing at the University of Palermo with a dissertation on museum marketing and has gained experience in sport management and corporate governance. He is currently teaching Global Management and Tourism Marketing. His research interests are corruption, mafia and criminal organizations with a focus on human smuggling and trafficking in the Mediterranean Sea. He also works on the impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial operations of firms with regard to the ICO and the proposed regulation by the financial authorities and on the liberalization of the energy market. He has been a visiting scholar at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and has been appointed by the Council of Europe as a working group expert on fostering international cooperation and investigative strategies in fighting the smuggling of migrants. He also provides expert/consultant services to criminal and civil courts and to Prosecutor’s Offices regarding financial and economic issues and acts as judicial administrator for the management of assets confiscated by criminal organizations in Italy.