Prof. Dimo Dimov

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the School of Management, University of Bath

Areas of expertise

Enterpreneurship, Research, Strategic Planning

Biographical Statement

Prof. Dimo Dimov lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Management, University of Bath, and is recognised as one of the top 100 professors of entrepreneurship.

He teaches entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, seeking to inspire students to embrace the entrepreneurial journey and equip them with the mindset and design and finance skills necessary to navigate it. He also researches the enabling, accelerating, and funding the entrepreneurial journey – from initial idea to viable venture – in independent, corporate, and social settings. Prof. Dimov works with both start-ups and established companies to facilitate the development of mindset and structures for innovative performance.

Prior to joining the University of Bath in 2012, he was on the faculties at Newcastle University (UK), the University of Connecticut (USA), and IE Business School (Spain). He has a PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University (USA) and the CEU Graduate School of Business (Hungary). Originally from Bulgaria, he has lived in Hungary, UK, Spain, and the US, and is fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, and German.

Prof. Dimov is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Business Venturing Insights, a new journal that offers a forum for rapid dissemination of new research related to entrepreneurial phenomena.


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