Jane Fuller

Director of Fuller Analysis

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Jane Fuller is director of Fuller Analysis (independent consultancy) launched after she left the Financial Times in 2005. The common threads in her work for companies, regulators and firms of advisers are independent analysis, financial expertise, knowledge of capital markets and high-class communications skills. She is also co-director of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation: an independent think-tank that runs debates on controversial areas of financial practice and regulation, produces reports including the Banking Banana Skins survey, and has a fellowship programme that covers, so far, insurance and the payments system. She is consulting editor and columnist, Financial World: the monthly magazine of the IFS School of Finance, formerly the Chartered Institute of Bankers. Mrs Fuller holds the chairmanship of the Accounting Advocacy Committee of the CFA Society of the UK: CFA UK is part of the leading international analysts’ organisation. In its advocacy work it represents investment professionals on both the buy and sell side. Furthermore, she advises the Accounting Standards Board on communication and its parent body, the Financial Reporting Council, on principles-based regulation.

Jane Fuller is a former financial editor of the Financial Times with more than 18 years on the FT, culminating in the role of Financial Editor, head of the Companies & Markets section. She launched the FTfm fund management supplement and was part of the FT's senior management team. A former writer for the Lex, Leader and Lombard columns, she continues to train FT journalists and, with an FT colleague, is co-editor of Harriman's Financial Dictionary.


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