Milena Videnova

Managing Director of COFACE Bulgaria

Areas of expertise

Biographical Statement

Managing Director of COFACE Bulgaria – a leading provider of business information and debt management in Central and Eastern Europe; For 21 years COFACE has been operating the leading B2B agency for recovery and the largest database of credit information in Bulgaria; Mrs. Videnova has been part of the bank and financial industry for over 15 years, occupying management positions for the last 10 years; She was consecutively Head of International Corporate Team at HVB Bank AD and CB Biochim AD, Head of Divisions at HVB Bank Biochim AD and Hebros AD, Head of Eurofunds, Public Finance and Bank Assurance at UniCredit Bulbank, Head of Credit Risk Division on behalf of Hypo NOE Gruppe Bank AG at Alfa Finance Holding, Risk Management, Project Finance and Eurofunds consultant at Hypo NOE Gruppe Bank AG, Austria.