Prof. Nikolay Nenovsky

Professor at the University of Amiens, France; SBS Programme Director

Nikolay Nenovsky

ORGANIZATION: University of Amiens (France)

Areas of expertise

International financial architecture, Monetary policy and free market economics

Biographical Statement

Nikolay Nenovsky is professor of Finance and Economics at the University of Amiens. He is professor of Monetary Theory and International Finance at the University of National and World Economy (UNWC), Sofia. He is also visiting professor at the University of Orléans, Laboratoire d’économie d’ Orléans (LEO)/(STUDIUM, Institute for Advanced Studies) and is affiliated to the International Centre for Economic Research (ICER), Turin. He contributes as research fellow to the Cobden Partners (a think-tank based in London). He was member of the Board of Governors of the Bulgarian National Bank.


Monetary and Financial Initiatives Of The Civil Society, Prof. Nikolay Nenovsky

A Game Theory Interpretation of the Post-Communist Evolution, Prof. Nikolay Nenovsky