Vladimir Sirkarov

Economic Researcher

Vladimir Sirkarov

ORGANIZATION: Brain Workshop Institute

Areas of expertise

monetary policy, macroeconomics, capital and foreign exchange trading, investment strategies

Biographical Statement

Vladimir Sirkarov was born in 1986 in Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in “Finance” and a Master’s degree in “Financial Markets, he is now writing his Ph.D. on monetary system reform and the theory of money and credit. Vladimir has strong interests in the Austrian school of economics, monetary policy, macroeconomics, capital and foreign exchange trading, and investment strategies.

Vladimir Sirkarov is co-writers and co-hosts of the financial show “Boom & Bust” on the TV/Radio channel Bulgaria ON AIR. Regularly participates in the evening news block “The Day On Air” with analyzes and comments on the financial and economic issues.

Together with a group of ambitious friends and colleagues, they established the Brain Workshop Institute and the consulting company BW Consulting. Vladimir was the first Chairman of the Board of the Institute.

He has been engaged for many years with sport and it remains the number one hobby for him. Loves to travel, despite the limited free time. He reads mainly specialized books, but hopes more often to be able to read literature. Adores to spend time in nature, away from the public clamour. Pessimist, because it is extremely difficult to find real friends. Optimist, because they still exist.