2011 Almanac of Environmental Trends, Steven F. Hayward

2011 Almanac of Environmental Trends, Steven Hayward

PUBLICATION DATA: ISBN-13:978-1-934276-17-4
PAGES: 269
PUBLISHER: Pacific Research Institute
PUBLISHED: April 2011

The dynamic nature of environmental data and the mobility of today’s information
consumer argues for an interactive platform (there’s an app for this!) for trend
information and analysis, and that is exactly what this Almanac will be. Be sure to
bookmark www.environmentaltrends.org. Unlike The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which is
our titular inspiration, the Almanac of Environmental Trends will not become an annual
print publication. The publication you are holding in your hand (or reading online)
should be considered to be a desk reference and the visible anchor for a web-based
Almanac that will be updated on an almost constant basis—the hub around which
can be found all the portals of the Web 2.0 world: e-mail updates, a Facebook page,
Twitter feeds, discussion threads, and—yes—a smartphone app. Next time you are at a
cocktail party and someone makes an assertion about the ozone layer, or rainforests, or
some other hot-button issue, you will be able to check the data on the spot.

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