Amb. Ilian Vassilev

Co-founder of the Reform Union Club and Managing Partner at Innovative Energy Solutions

Ilian Vassilev

ORGANIZATION: The Reform and Union Club

Areas of expertise

Global strategic risks

Biographical Statement

Ilian Vassilev is Managing partner at Innovative Energy – a professional consultancy firm. He has been Executive Director of the Bulgarian International Business Association, President of the Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency, Ambassador of Bulgaria to the Russian Federation and Chairman of Deloitte Bulgaria, in charge of Energy, Resource and Public sector. He is also the Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian Economic Forum. He currently holds the position of Vice-Chairman of Reform Union Club and is a Member of the Board of the Centre for Balkan and Black Sea studies and the Bulgarian Foreign Policy Association.

He has taken a leading role in advisory work to the Bulgarian Government, corporate clients and public institutions on energy and resource projects, including analytical and strategy papers on but not limited to gas, power infrastructure, key transit infrastructure, on energy sector strategy drafts.