Public lecture by the renowned Russian writer Victor Erofeev: QVO VADIS RUSSIA. The official launch of the campaign for the Sofia Business School third edition

On 24 April 2014,Thursday, at 14:30 the Russian dissident writer Victor Erofeev is invited to deliver a public lecture at New Bulgarian University / Building 1, Hall №310/. The event will mark the official start of this year’s edition of the Sofia Business School whose kick-off is scheduled for 28 June. The Reform Union Club and NBU as organisers of the School are this time motivated to offer master classes tailored to provide cutting-edge knowledge about the leadership models applied outside the EU, in particular the successful Asian economies and their innovative business development approach.

The lecture Victor Erofeev will present to the NBU students, professors and guests is entitled “Qvo Vadis Russia” and will be an excellent lead-in for the general topic of this year’s edition of SBS touching, within a broader context, upon the need for models that defy the mainstream financial and economic framework.

Victor Erofeev is one of the most widely read modern Russian writers in the West. His novels “Russian Beauty” (1990), “Encyclopaedia of the Russian Soul” (1999) and “The Good Stalin” (2004) have become international bestsellers. In his latest novel the author describes events that seem to have predicted what happened in Crimea. “To me Crimea totally resembles the fictional country I depict in my book” says Erofeev in his recent interview with Deutsche Welle during the promotion of his novel in Germany and ventures his prediction for the future of the Russian president.

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