Markets for Managers: A Managerial Economics Primer (The Wiley Finance Series), Anthony J. Evans

Markets for managers, Anthony J. EvansPUBLICATION DATA: ASIN: B00MPJC5OI
PAGES: 272
PUBLISHER: Wiley; 1 edition
PUBLISHED: August 12, 2014
An accessible text that provides managers with a well-rounded economic awarenessSuccessful managers possess an understanding of economic and market principles as they relate to business itself. Markets for Managers presents managerial economics in a casual, accessible format that will help management professionals take economic realities into account when running their companies or divisions. The book takes a global perspective while covering the full range of micro- and macroeconomic principles that managers around the world need to know. Complete with online resources that include further reading and a YouTube playlist, this guide puts business management practice within its economic context to produce a practical tool for managers.

By understanding market operation and what might cause market failure, management professionals can lead companies that respond to market pressures and align operating strategies with economic realities. Monetary and fiscal policies affect businesses of all sizes, and in Markets for Managers, business leaders can learn how to read the ever-shifting fiscal landscape.

  • Delivers market information tailored to managers and the managerial decision-making process
  • Comprehensively explains macro- and microeconomic ideas in language that’s accessible
  • Provides concrete suggestions for utilizing market knowledge to improve internal operations and align incentives
  • Helps managers build a global view of business for optimal decision making

The practical format of Markets for Managers is perfect for professionals and students who want to gain an applied perspective on today’s most pressing economic issues.

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